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Like, awesome shades!

Two girls are sitting at a table outside Urth Cafe. One has bought a new pair of Dior sunglasses and the other can’t say enough good things about them. So finally: Girl 1: Like, try them on. Girl 2: Oh cool! 2 … Continue reading

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The Cop

So, LA without a car is a complete impossibility. In this city, you don’t got wheels, you don’t got shit. Due to my impending fame, I know that very soon I’ll be pimped out with a Porsche with “YOU WISH” … Continue reading

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David Hasselhoff is a liar

When I decided to move to LA, it was for the sunshine and palm trees. I’ve watched enough American shows to know that this is what LA looks like year round. I mean, I saw it on TV, it must … Continue reading

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