The Psycho Cop?

You may remember a couple of posts ago that I get picked up by a cop in a police station and I leave with a wink and his cell number.

I have gone up way in my estimation and so I tell every single soul I know about the dog, the cop, the pen, the number and of course, my amazing exit.

When you move to a new town there are three people you need to find straight away. A great hairdresser, a great barman and a great doctor. That’s usually the order that you need them in.

But hey, it’s LA, I could add a great cop to that list. You never know, right? Still, I let weeks slide by without dialing the man’s digits.

I pick up the card, I pick up the phone, then I think, nah, and watch another episode of Entourage to see how many places I’ve been to that are on the show.

Then a friend is over and picks up the card off my dresser. “What’s this?” he asks. Oh good, there’s still one person left in LA that I haven’t bored to death with this tale. So I tell him, then he tells me I’m an idiot.

“Call him today! That’s too hot!”

I remember that uniform, those big chipped nailed paws, dammit, I will! Just as soon as you’ve left.

Alone, I pick up the card, hand a trembling. I have my phone in my other hand. It occurs to me, I’ve never been handcuffed before…..then, the phone rings.

It’s Leo, my great friend from Montreal. A quick bit of backstory, Leo is a great friend and we have a strong psychic connection. I know, I know, but weird things happen with us, like….

“Hey Karl, it’s Leo.”

“Hey Babe, how are you?”

“Good. But I have to ask you something.”

“Sure, what?”

“Are you in trouble with the law?”

“What do you mean?”

“I got a hit about something about a cop and a dog.”

I know this sounds weird, but these are the kinds of conversations I have with Leo. So I tell the story again, only this time, it’s lost in perspiration.

Leo breathes a sigh of relief. “Oh, god, it’s the future, I thought I was seeing the past. Under no circumstances are you to call this guy. And if you ever see him out, he mustn’t ever know where you live.”

Terrified, I still keep the card for a day or so and consider tempting fate (the set up was soooooooo good) but Leo knows things, so I burn it instead.

I think that was the right move. I don’t need to see this guy ever again.

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One Response to The Psycho Cop?

  1. David says:

    I now know why I’ve never settled into LA. I don’t have a regular bar, I haven’t had health insurance most of my time here AND I cut my own hair. It’s amazing I can even get up in the morning.

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