Plastic fantastic

Turn on the radio and the ads (and there are a lot of them) are all for leasing cars, debt consolidation, teeth whitening and the Mack Daddy, drumroll please ……Plastic Surgery.

There are more plastic surgeons than 7-Elevens here. Fact. So naturally you see a lot of work walking the streets.

On the sliding scale, if 1 is all natural and 10 is Michael Jackson (9 being that freaky Catwoman. Or is she the 10? No, she still has a nose) I’ve begun to develop a theory about it.

You see, it’s all really obvious that these women have been cut. There’s a certain shape of lip and nose that mother nature never put in her catalogue. You know it, it has that faint whiff of what-was-she-thinking-you-actually-chose-that-? memerising unreality.

So it occurs to me that this work is done specifically so that you know that they’ve had work done. Like an obnoxiously loud logo t-shirt. See, I have money, so I bought myself this face. See? See?

But since they all choose the same nose (pixie weird) and same upturned top lip (Christy Turlington to the power of ten) it looks like they’re all related. Like there’s a supermodel shagging a clown somewhere and churning out these unsettling uber-women. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but it bothers me.

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