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Popeye’s, bitch!

I always feel a special kindred spirit to any stories that I hear about black women. And there is actually a scientific reason for this. The debate will rage until the end of time as to whether gay men are … Continue reading

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Star Spotting

If you ask someone in LA what they favorite pastime is, they might tell you going to the beach, shopping, hanging out with friends. The usual. But it’s a lie. Because if there is one thing Angelinos love to do, … Continue reading

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My First Big Studio Meeting

It’s not what you know but who you know. They may as well make that the official slogan of Los Angeles. Take the freeways for instance. The entrances and exits of these are an in-joke of almighty proportions. If you … Continue reading

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The Psychic, the Clairvoyant and the Clown

OK, so this is going to sound crazy and I know it. I just wanted to say that before I started typing this out so that you know, that I know, that it sounds ridiculous. But truth is like that … Continue reading

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