If it isn’t that Cop again…

You know, it’s amazing how your perception can be oh, so wrong sometimes. I read a book once called “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell. Basically it was a whole bunch of case studies and scientific evidence to support trusting your gut; that you know exactly what something is the first moment you lay eyes on it. And the same goes for people, right?

After the pick up in the police station, the warning from Leo the psychic and escaping from him after the car accident, I have seen the Psycho Cop again. But here’s the weird thing; this time I didn’t recognise him.

I was sitting in a café, writing and there he was. I’m thinking, I know this guy. And to show how truly LA I’m becoming, I’m start scrolling through my mental list of actors. That guy from Six Feet Under? That guy that was on the West Wing? Oh, Lost right?

Then there is something about the way that he moves that sends a cold shiver down my Americano Grande. The Cop! But in Bermudas and a t-shirt?

It was the uniform, or lack there of, that totally threw me. And he was with a guy that I guess is his boyfriend. It looked new; they touched each other’s knees, they giggled at things the other said. There were little arched-brow glances that always finished with a hand on the other’s face. All straight from the First Month Honeymoon text-book.

I imagined the two of them on a beach in matching cableknit jumpers, collecting driftwood as their cocker spaniels barked at the waves. And I began to wonder how much of Psycho Cop was just in my head. Shame, the poor guy, I thought. Hundreds of people were reading about what a crazy he was, when in fact he was just a normal, lonely guy in a uniform.

I reprimand myself for being so hasty and judging.

But when they find his boyfriend’s body in a dumpster under mysterious circumstances, remember, you read it here first.

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