Toilets Number 2

I’m sorry but yes, we are back here again. After lambasting toilet doors, there are still spatial issues to be dealt with.

I now understand what it is to be a woman. In any other country in the world where I have lived, no trip to the bathroom is complete without sailing past a line of ladies waiting for the loo, while I jump into the guy’s. I also take this opportunity to make my, “We need more female architects, huh?” comment. The ladies nod, I score points for being a sensitive male and I still get to pee, no waiting. Life is good.

Then I moved to LA. Here there is a law that states that every single toilet must be able to be used by disabled people, ie wheelchairs.

And in true US style, we can’t just do it, we have to overdo it.

It’s not uncommon to go to a very nice restaurant or a swish bar and discover that there is one toilet for the whole place; patrons, staff, the lot. It’s insane, people in jail have more facilities.

So you wait in the co-ed line only to discover that you have agoraphobia when you swing the lock to engaged.

I have seen some of the biggest toilets in the world in LA. A huge room with one toilet right at the end of it. Like a Yoko Ono art piece from the 60’s.

You could fit, not only a wheel chair in there, but the entire cast of Murderball, who could play a match while you sit there in the one front row seat.

I have even had pangs of loneliness in a Cali WC.

And then there is the lunacy of having a urinal and a toilet all in the same room. Now, when a man unzips, it’s nice when he has options. But this is silly. What are you supposed to do? Flip it out and see which one the Commander feels like aiming for today?

If you want to know why there is always pee on floor, you have your answer.

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