2009: New Year’s Resolutions

I’m happy to say that the rest of 2008 was blissfully uneventful. I went back to Berlin for a round of work with the Germans on MINI, then home to Sydney for Xmas and New Year.

This was not in the original plan at all, the Sydney trip that is. But due to some rather expert niggling by my Dad, I was coerced into three weeks back on the beach down under. When your father starts sending you online deals for $700 return to LA fares and telling you how much it would mean to your Mum, it’s hard to say no.

This is despite the fact that I’d been back the previous four years in a row and the last thing that I wanted to do was head there again. Also, every trip had been for a wedding or I’d been rewriting a script or both, so they were always fraught with angst, hair pulling and a ticking clock.

Going back to where you come from is always tough. You’ve changed a lot but the people still treat you like you’re the same person who left. You get frustrated by the way that everything still seems stuck in 2002. You remember all the reasons why you left there in the first place. People ask you what you’ve been up to and you tell them and as soon as you put into words what you think is your exciting life, it doesn’t seem that exciting anymore. You have a long list of morally obligational visits to friends and family that end up feeling more like work than anything else. And the worst part of all, you feel like even though you could never live in this city again, you might end up right back here again if LA all goes south.

Then I thought, well I can have that trip if I want to, or I could do it a little differently this time.

So I went back to Australia and told no one I was coming. And it was bliss. A summer break of milk crates, lattes, beach trips, hanging with my mate Addison, working the markets with him where he sells second-hand clothes, going to old cinemas, catching some theatre, getting a tan, eating good food, Crown Street restaurants, picnics by the harbor, catching the ferry, Bondi Beach, the pastizzi bar, great coffee, shorts all day long and barmy nights.

I actually had fun. This was also a new feeling when it came to Sydney.

And in this calm as the New Year slowly approached, I decided it was time to make a few New Year’s resolutions. Since this dating myself thing had so far been working out pretty well, I wondered what other things I could be doing.

This of course, led me to think about all the Resolutions that I’d made the year before. And oh dear, had I made a few.


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