Lights, Camera, Cop Car

This is a second-hand story, but I love it so I’ve put it in here. A friend of a friend here in LA had to be up early one morning to get to somewhere on the other side of town.

While getting up at the crack of dawn is a huge drag there is a plus side. The freeways are deserted. I mean like, Invasion of the Bodysnatchers deserted. And so this woman finds herself on the freeway, alone, 4 lanes to choose from and a full tank of gas.

Given the right circumstances, every chick has a revhead in her. So she put pedal to the metal, opened that bad boy up and screamed east across the 10.

She is Easy Rider, she is Gone in 60 Seconds, she is Knightrider, she is Dukes of Hazzard, French Connection, Ronin, Streets of San Francisco bitches!!!!

Right then, when she was all loved up on speed and sunrise, she sees a cop car in her rear view mirror. She can’t believe her bad luck. There’s nothing to do, the guy is bearing down on her and she’s ticketed for sure. She’s going so fast she might even be losing her license.

So she slows and waits for the inevitable pull over sign when the car gets alongside her. But instead, the cop car goes whizzing by, not even slowing down to so much as wave a finger.

Then she sees written down one of the car’s back panels “MOVIE CAR”.

It’s a prop and it’s late for a shoot. Only in LA.


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I'm getting divorced. So... yeah.
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