Say Cheese! There Goes Humanity!

So, now that I’m green carded I can finally start and earn some money here in the US instead of running off to foreign countries to make a little Euro.

Taking the car to work instead of a plane is a lovely joy indeed. Not to be ungrateful for all the lovely miles and countries that I’ve traversed over the last 5 years, it’s just that there is something to wrapping a day lying on your own couch.

So I’m working at a great little place called Troika in LA, nice folks who do branded entertainment for TV Networks and their client list reads like basically every network that broadcasts anywhere.

The thing I love about the ad/media/ marketing industry is that it draws characters from all over the place to fill the musical chairs that people ebb and flow through from company to company. One such little sparkle of wonder is Christopher, a producer there who used to be a gymnast. They guy can do a backwards somersault in an elevator and has a personality to match.

So he is walking along with a plate full of lunch and about to take the one step that connects two different areas with floors a short distance apart. As he steps up, he sneezes, misses the step, catches his foot, goes flying forward, loses a shoe, loses his lunch, does a roll and ends up face first, sprawled on the floor, his shoe miraculously somewhere ahead of him.

In my world this is a cause for panic. However, what happened next made me panic even more.

Out of the offices come people to find out what all the commotion is about. Then they see Christopher lying on the ground. Then people start pulling out their phones.

One person opens her camera app, lines up Christopher’s body in the cross hairs, face intent with concentration. She snaps the photo of him lying there, checks to see that it takes, then bursts out laughing.

Then she asks him if he’s OK.

Now, in her defense, he was giggling while he was lying there post-vault. But still, the photo first reaction felt like a warning sign of some kind. I laughed with Christopher and everyone else because it was funny, but something about the exchange made me uneasy.

I remember years ago meeting a guy who was a photo-journalist (this is back in the days of film and when cell phones were still in cars). The thing that he told me that was the hardest thing about his job was that he couldn’t get involved in what he was taking photos of. His job was to report. Because if he didn’t get it on film, it didn’t exist. And people had to see it or else they wouldn’t know and then act to change it.

But in this day and age where everyone has a camera and video and publishing empire in their pocket, everyone has to report everything that’s going on, all the time. And people have to see it or else they won’t know. So then they can act on it too, right? No, just re-tweet it.

The photo was up on Facebook before Christopher got his shoe back on.


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