The Internet Went Down!!!

Welcome to the new world crisis.

I was sitting in the office the other day when suddenly the internet shut down. Some guys working on the building caused a power surge and that then… you know what, I have no idea what I’m talking about. I use word, email, final draft and safari and that’s it for me. I have no idea how computers work. That’s why I use apple.

Anyway, so the internet is down. But what happened after that was kind of crazy.

Everyone decided that they couldn’t work. I mean literally everyone put pens down. It was kind of hilarious. When you couldn’t go on-line, there was no point in going on and trying to think of ideas.

I like to think that because I had a life before the internet and cell phones that I’m some how able to revert back to my former self. But it turns out that I’m the online junkie that everyone my junior is as well. I hadn’t realized it, but my work day is now punctuated by checking emails, looking something up on the net, checking bank balances, doing some online window shopping. In short, I soon couldn’t see the point of going on without internet. May as well throw myself off the building.

I can’t use my iPhone here in Europe either because the bill raping that I’ll get from AT&T when I get home will need me to sell a kidney to pay it off. Maybe two. And man how I miss the iPhone.

I didn’t realize how I no longer commit anything to memory. I just look it up on the phone. The only phone numbers I can recite are my boyfriend’s and my parents’. I don’t even know how to get from A to B anymore, why would you when you have google maps on your phone?

In short, I’m a tech-tard. I have actually regressed as a human. If we use only 10% of the brain, then I’m down to about 7% and change I think.

We then got into a large discussion in the office about how things used to be. The 70s child telling the 80s children about writing ideas down on pads of paper with pens.

Who would have thunk it? 2010 and I’m explaining how we used to work in 1995. And people were actually enthralled and curious. It was a revelation.

And how to celebrate this resurgence of the pen and paper? Blog it of course.


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