Ah, You Seem To Have Missed A Bit…

Avid readers of the blog have pointed out that my stories of my single life come skidding to halt around the end of February 2009. Then, just as abruptly, spark back into life in September 2010 with a whole new cast of characters, chiefly and mostly astonishingly unannounced, Paul Asplund, my boyfriend.

For someone who has bitched, moaned and complained so loudly about the life of a single gay man in LA, I missed the boy meets boy, boy loses boy, boy finds boy again, hold hands walk into the sunset part.

Which is a bit of a gyp on my part.

A friend of mine has likened it to missing out on a about three and a half season of Desperate Housewives. While there is the occasionally interesting and fantastic goings on here in Amsterdam, things are pretty nice here in this extended work holiday that the two of us are having. LA, for all its many faults, makes for some pretty great blogging.

So in a true cheat of screenwriting, I’m going to reverse and fill in the gaps that yawn rather large in the Karl Dunn opus.

Bear with me; I’m going to be blogging again and using the dates around the time that the event happened back in LA, plus still writing about the day-to-day stuff that catches my eye here in Amsterdam.

I mean non linear storytelling is so pre-Memento anyway.


About Some Gay Guy

I'm getting divorced. So... yeah.
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