LA Stories is written by Karl Dunn, a screenwriter living in LA, California. It’s an account of the ridiculous, deluded, magical village by the sea that he calls home.

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8 Responses to About

  1. nina says:

    Finally, Karl, have missed them so much!!!

    Big hug and kiss for you,


  2. Kyle Cole Cal, you’re an inspiration to many who have ever dared get under the skin of the real LA reality scene… Unless you’re a plastic surgeon, then you get paid stupid amounts of LA wonga to get under peoples skin… But that’s another story.
    Keep tapping your witty, factual fingers on your Kahltastic keyboard my dear man.
    Your fellow readers salute you!

  3. Karl says:

    cheers there to both of you, it’s going pretty well here with these. There’s so much catching up to do. pass ’em on to your mates. Sorry for the late reply Nina, I’m a bit technocrap and I’ve just worked out where this comment you posted was. Go well, love from the west coast.

  4. Muffie says:

    Good story. I was just saying that America is like the 4th world. I thought about marrying someone to help them attain citizenship, but I don’t know if I want INS at my door doing “check-up’s” and asking me what sexual position my husband and I like. Interesting that no one finds their methods a little sub-human.

    • Karl says:

      Yeah, they make it tough here. But I hear the same thing about Australia too, if you want to live where I come from, it’s brutal to get in. I have friends who tried for years, then came back broke and dispirited.

  5. Sarah Marshall says:

    Hi Karl, Your friend Justine Metcalfe thinks we should meet. She thinks I’ll like you. She didn’t say whether you’d like me but that’s a risk only you can decide to take. Not sure if you’re in Amsterdam for good but I’ve just moved to LA. If you have time, let’s catch up. Personally, I think you’ll like me. Sarah Marshall.

    • Karl says:

      hey there, I’m not in Amsterdam for good, just away on a trip. But it’s a long one, not back in LA till February. What brings you to the west coast?

  6. Di Prince says:

    Hey Karl.
    I totally forgot how much I loved you in Jo’burg. Until I read your blog. And was compelled to copy and paste that paragraph about creaky knees and should’ve been an art director. My advice ? Don’t. Your writing is as good as your dress sense. Only it’ll last longer.

    PS Also back in advertising against my will dude. Also moved round the world about 30 times. Thinking of getting my art director to make that paragraph into a poster when she gets back from her breakdown. Would you mind if I had it on my fridge?

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