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42. It’s More Than A Number.

In Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, 42 was the answer to the meaning of life. The problem was that the characters in the book didn’t know what the question was. I’m feeling a bit the same way. I just turned … Continue reading

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Street People Make The Best Career Counselors

In the time that I’ve been in LA, I’ve had a lot of advice thrown in my direction. Everyone has their take on the town, how to get where you want to be and definitely the way to do it. … Continue reading

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Life Legacies And The Luck Of Green Lights

When I look back on this blog, I smile at the young 34-year-old me that moved to LA. I was full of it, and completely sure that I was going to conquer the world of screenwriting. I was going to … Continue reading

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Cultural Similarities: LA and India

In my life I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to a lot of different countries and experience many different cultures. Then I arrived in LA where to the naked eye, it appears that there is a distinct lack of culture. … Continue reading

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Straight People, Gay Turf, Sanctity Of Marriage And The New Scourge Of God

When you’re gay, there are several things that you get for free; you always look ten years younger than you are, you travel a lot more than the average human to fabulous locales, and you are absolutely having the craziest … Continue reading

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The Anxiety, Addiction And Apocalypse Of Getting My Tonsils Out

There are some things that are supposed to happen only when you are a child. Acne, mumps and for me, bad eighties fashion. You do it when you’re younger, you get a little older, you have older person problems and … Continue reading

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Hugh Jackman Is Not A Douchebag

Every week I am reminded by how unfamous I am when I’m mistaken for Hugh Jackman. Regular readers will know that this started about 6 years ago and hasn’t stopped since. We’re the same height, both from Australia, I bear … Continue reading

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