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Engine driven superpowers

When you arrive in LA, you are a mere mortal. It’s only after you’ve been here for a while that you start to develop superpowers, just like Superman as he got closer to the planet with the yellow sun. And … Continue reading

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I wish that damn paparazzi would leave me alone

When I’ve been away for a while from LA, the first thing I like to do is go for a drive and check out the neighborhood. Whereas in other cities you’d go for a stroll, a meander, a perambulation etc, … Continue reading

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Secret Missions to the Former East

I have been contracted to perform a secret mission. The phone rang early one morning in LA. I awoke, ready to perform a kung fu move against any would-be assassin hanging from my ceiling. I reached over the top of … Continue reading

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KITT does stunt work

Moments after my last post, I was driving along and was hit by a guy in his car. I was going east, he was going west and turning south on the intersection, and he drove right into my lane. Long … Continue reading

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The Cop

So, LA without a car is a complete impossibility. In this city, you don’t got wheels, you don’t got shit. Due to my impending fame, I know that very soon I’ll be pimped out with a Porsche with “YOU WISH” … Continue reading

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