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42. It’s More Than A Number.

In Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, 42 was the answer to the meaning of life. The problem was that the characters in the book didn’t know what the question was. I’m feeling a bit the same way. I just turned … Continue reading

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Everywhere but LA Stories

For a guy who moved to LA to pursue his dreams, the end of 2006/start of 2007 saw me spending a lot of time out of it. There’s a few reasons for this. I still don’t have a work or … Continue reading

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Give him enough scarf to hang himself

Scarf dilemmas plagued my trip. The Europeans know how to rock a scarf and I found myself in serious want of a trinsy piece of fabric to augment myself with too. This can lead to all kinds of irrational behavior. … Continue reading

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Secret Missions to the Former East

I have been contracted to perform a secret mission. The phone rang early one morning in LA. I awoke, ready to perform a kung fu move against any would-be assassin hanging from my ceiling. I reached over the top of … Continue reading

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Flight 103 from Sydney, Australia now landing…

LAX. Here I am. But where the hell am I? The sky is grey, I can’t see a single palm tree and the mess outside of the airport is something to behold. Hundreds of cars that don’t seem to know … Continue reading

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