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If it isn’t that Cop again…

You know, it’s amazing how your perception can be oh, so wrong sometimes. I read a book once called “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell. Basically it was a whole bunch of case studies and scientific evidence to support trusting your gut; … Continue reading

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KITT does stunt work

Moments after my last post, I was driving along and was hit by a guy in his car. I was going east, he was going west and turning south on the intersection, and he drove right into my lane. Long … Continue reading

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The Psycho Cop?

You may remember a couple of posts ago that I get picked up by a cop in a police station and I leave with a wink and his cell number. I have gone up way in my estimation and so I … Continue reading

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The Cop

So, LA without a car is a complete impossibility. In this city, you don’t got wheels, you don’t got shit. Due to my impending fame, I know that very soon I’ll be pimped out with a Porsche with “YOU WISH” … Continue reading

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